ARA Championships Round 3

ARA Championships Round 3

After what was a successful first test on the Tile Tec Fire Blade on Saturday, Mark decided he would try his luck in the Centre Championship race on the big bike.

The team got up to Jurby nice and early, so no long walk for Jill to and from the Pit wall. The team were hoping for dry days racing, but with the hail and snow on the mountain and showers in Douglas, this was looking unlikely.

Mark got out at the front for the 1300cc practice. Mark managed to qualify in 4th position on his first outing on the Honda. He was pleased with this as he knew he could go quicker as he was struggling to get the run out of the bus stop right.  Dave was riding Mark’s main 600 for the NW200 and managed to qualify in 10th position.

In the 600cc practice came the first time Mark had to adapt to two different bikes in one day. First 2 laps Mark thought someone has stolen the engine as the speed difference between the 600cc and 1000cc machines are huge. With a huge entry for this race came traffic, trying to find a clear run to set a quick lap was impossible. Mark was suprised with qualifying on pole with so much traffic to find away through. Dave qualified in 8th position, struggling further to have a clear run.

After the lunch break came the first of the 1300cc open races. Mark tried to practice his starts on the Honda on the warm up lap to no avail. As the bikes lined up on the grid at the end of the warm up lap, came the ‘engage gear’ & ‘watch for the lights’ board. Trying to keep the revs up and find the biting point of the clutch, Mark fluffed his start  meaning he was lying in 7th position into the first corner. End of Lap 2 Mark was still lying in 7th place, struggling to find a way passed the rider in front. End of Lap 4 Mark was up into 6th place and trying to close down the riders in front. End of lap 6 Mark had caught and passed both Collister and Fenton putting him into 3rd place. Trying to chase down the leading pair Mark registered an impressive lap time of 1:09.7 on his first race on the new machine. Mark finished a very pleasing 3rd place, with Dave finishing in 10th place. This result has left Mark trailing current champion and championship leader Maher by 5 points in the championship.

In the 600 race Mark was not doing himself any favours with another poor start, leaving him with alot to do after being in 5th place come the end of lap 1. Mark managed to pass Harrison and Dedman down the back straight on lap 2 putting himself into 3rd place. With Fenton pulling away at the front Mark found himself behind Dudgeon and managed to make his move coming into the first corner on Lap 4. Mark set off in persuit of Fenton and put himself into a position he could attack on the last lap down the back straight. Coming out of the bus stop Mark tried to set himself up for a pass on Fenton. Being a little eager to get the power down, the rear tyre lost grip, nearly highsiding him. Managing to stay on the bike, Mark set off trying to catch Fenton and try to pressurise him into a mistake. Come the finish line Fenton was the victor by 0.1 seconds. Dave managed to battle his way to 8th position.

With both riders getting themselves ready for race 2 in both championships, unfortunately there was a red flag incident in the 400/125 & 650 class. Unfortunately Nathan Harrison had stalled his 125 on the line. Trying to push his bike out of the way as the lights went out, a rider starting behind Harrison has no where to go, resulting in a collision with Harrison. The accident had caused the fuel tank on Harrison’s 125 to split, pooring fuel and oil on to the start/finish straight. The organisers and marshals attended the incident and tried their level best to clear the track. With so much oil and fuel on the circuit the club had no option but to cancel the remainder of the meeting.

Mygdal Racing would like to wish Nathan Harrison a speedy recovery and would like to see him racing again soon.

With the 2nd and 3th place finishes for Mark, this has put him in great form to head to the Northwest 200.


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