NW200 2013

Some sad news from the Mygdal Racing team, Dave’s Mum and Mark’s Gran passed away a few weeks before the NW200.

The NW200 Travel started on Friday for Dave leaving the Isle of Man on Friday Night with the 8pm Sailing to Heysham on the Ben-My-Cree, thanks to the Isle of Man Steampacket for their support.

Dave arrived in Northen Ireland on Saturday and parked up for the night at the paddock. The Van was setup on Sunday with help from Gavin Murphey.

With the van all set up looking Factory, Dave just awaits on the superstars of the team to arrive, Mark, Dean and Antonio arrive from belfast city.

Tuesday is the 1st Practise, Practise starts with a famous quote from dave “slow and steady mark”, with the weather not great wet patches out on track. Mark got 5 good laps under his belt before suffering break failure going into ballasally round about.

Dave had a good ride out on the Fireblade with 102 and 106mph laps.

With marks damage to the bike wednesday has been a busy day so far with a complete stip down of the bike, New pads break fluid, chain,oil filter, oil change, air filter cleaned, new screen,new wheel and some fibreglass in places, as well as Picking Jonny up from the train station.

As well as are work Satalite team member antonio needed some expert advise from Jonny on a new seat pan, so off to B & Q for some kingsspan,super glue and duck tape

Will be early for team as practice gets under way at 10:00 tomorrow with Racing tomorrow evening for Mark and Dave.

We will have the next update on Friday

Mygdal Racing