André Dürkop: Condolences

Dear family and friends of Mark,

it is unbelievable how cruel the sport can be at times. As a fan down here in Germany it isn’t easy to find coverage or at least getting reports of races. The internet has changed a lot there. You can always take the odd day off to tune into Manx Radio and to my delight, reading Mark’s twitter updates which added to a unique feel of being part despite being 1500 km away.

Having heard about Marks success in the pre-TT (through an android phone in a dark corner during late shift) I wondered what he would have in the bag for the S100. Mark was on his way to reply when his promising career got cut short and left fans, friends and family sad. While writing this I get a big lump in my throat again.

I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to Marks family and friends and wish them all the power it needs.

Gone but not forgotten

Rest in peace, Mark Madsen-Mygdal